Bodegón Floral is a floral design studio nested in Los Angeles, CA. From intimate gatherings to large-scale affairs, our current portfolio spans a diverse range of projects. Each creation is carefully curated, as we draw inspiration from the florals and the emotions they effortlessly evoke. It is this profound connection with nature that empowers us to design arrangements that captivate the senses and resonate with the heart.

Floral arrangement with pink dahlias, scabiosa, and calla lily

With every endeavor we undertake, collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We take great joy in working alongside our clients, ensuring that their visions are flawlessly woven into the fabric of our designs. Our journey together is one of excitement, and discovery, culminating in bespoke floral creations.

As we tread this artistic path, our mission remains unwavering – to perpetuate the allure of flowers and their ability to inspire joy, admiration, and love. At Bodegón Floral we celebrate nature’s masterpieces, brought to life by artistic flair and fueled by creativity. 

Florals that tell a story, and
become part of yours.

Florals that tell a story, and become part of yours.

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